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  Upper Limb  
  Lower Limb  
adrenal gland - left
kidney - minor calyx
right hepatic artery
anastomosis between left and right gastric arteries
kidney - renal column
seminiferous tubule
appendices epiploicae
kidney - renal cortex
sigmoid colon
appendicular artery
kidney - renal papilla
sigmoidal artery
arcades - jejunum
kidney - renal pelvis
spermatic cord
ascending colon
kidney - renal pyramid
spermatic cord attached to testis
body of epididymis
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve of the thigh
spermatic cord cross-section - deferential artery
left adrenal vein
spermatic cord cross-section - pampiniform plexus
celiac trunk
left crus of diaphragm
spermatic cord cross-section - vas deferens
common bile duct
left gastric artery
spermatic cord, inguinal canal
common hepatic artery
left gastric vein
common hepatic duct
left gonadal vein
splenic artery
coronary ligament
left hepatic artery
splenic artery arising from celiac trunk
cystic artery
left renal vein
splenic vein
cystic duct
ligamentum teres
deep inguinal ring
linea alba
stomach - antrum
descending colon
liver - left lobe
stomach - body
duodenum (1st part)
liver - right lobe
stomach - cardia
duodenum (2nd part)
lumbar sympathetic trunk
stomach - fundus
duodenum (3rd part)
lumbosacral trunk
stomach - greater curvature
external abdominal oblique
major duodenal papilla
stomach - greater curvature (pins)
falciform ligament
marginal artery of drummond
stomach - lesser curvature
mesenteric vessels, vasa recta, arcades of jejunum
stomach - pylorus
gastroduodenal artery
subcostal nerve
gastroepiploic arcade
middle colic artery
superficial inguinal ring
genitofemoral nerve
obturator nerve
superior adrenal artery
gonadal artery
pancreas - body
superior mesenteric artery 2
greater omentum
pancreas - head
superior mesenteric artery anterior to left renal vein
pancreas - neck
superior mesenteric vein
head of epididymis
pancreas - tail
superior mesenteric vein 2
pancreas - uncinate process
superior rectal artery
pelvic splanchnic nerve
taeniae coli
iliohypogastric nerve
portal vein
tail of epididymis
iliohypogastric nerve - posterior abdominal wall
portal vein in hepatoduodenal ligament
testis, epididymis, spermatic cord
ilioinguinal nerve - posterior abdominal wall
posterior rectus sheath
transversalis fascia
ilioinguinal nerve in inguinal canal
posterior rectus sheath 2
transverse colon
ilioinguinal nerve, inguinal canal
proper hepatic artery in hepatoduodenal ligament
triangular ligament
inferior epigastric artery
psoas major
tunica albuginea
inferior mesenteric artery
inferior mesenteric vein
quadratus lumborum
ureter, common iliac artery
inferior suprarenal artery
rectus abdominis
vas deferens
inferior vena cava
rectus sheath
vasa recta - jejunum
renal artery - left
vermiform appendix
jejunum, ileum
right colic artery
white line of toldt
kidney - major calyx
right colic artery branch
internal abdominal oblique
kidney - minor calyx
right gastric artery
superior mesenteric artery