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  Upper Limb  
  Lower Limb  
abductor digiti minimi
gastrocnemius muscle
posterior cruciate ligament
abductor hallucis
gluteal region deep to gluteus maximus
posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh
achilles tendon
gracilis muscle
posterior tibial artery
adductor brevis close
gracilis muscle close
posterior tibial nerve 2
adductor brevis very close
gracilis muscle close 2
posterior tibial vein
adductor hallucis oblique head
great saphenous vein
quadratus femoris
adductor hallucis transverse head
great saphenous vein close
quadratus plantae
adductor longus muscle
great saphenous vein entering femoral vein
quadriceps femoris tendon
adductor longus muscle close
iliopsoas muscle
rectus femoris muscle
adductor longus very close
iliopsoas muscle close
rectus femoris muscle close
adductor magnus
inferior gemellus
sartorius muscle
adductor magnus beneath sciatic nerve
inguinal ligament
sartorius muscle close
adductor magnus ischiocondylar portion
inguinal lymph nodes
sartorius muscle close 2
adductor magnus pubofemoral portion
lateral collateral ligament
sciatic nerve below gluteus maximus
anterior cruciate ligament
lateral meniscus
sciatic nerve gluteal region
anterior tibial artery
lateral plantar artery and nerve
semimembranosus muscle
biceps femoris long head
lateral plantar nerve
semimembranosus muscle 2
biceps femoris short head
lateral sural cutaneous nerve close
small saphenous vein
common peroneal nerve
lumbrical muscle
small saphenous vein close
common peroneal nerve 2
medial collateral ligament
soleus muscle
deep peroneal nerve
medial meniscus
soleus muscle complete
dorsal interosseous muscle
medial plantar nerve 2
superficial peroneal nerve
dorsal interosseous muscle 2
medial sural cutaneous nerve close
superficial peroneal nerve branches
dorsal venous arch
obturator externus
superior gemellus
dorsalis pedis artery
obturator internus tendon
sural nerve
extensor digitorum brevis muscle
obturator nerve anterior branch
sural nerve and small saphenous vein
extensor digitorum brevis muscle 2
obturator nerve anterior branch very close
sural nerve close
extensor digitorum longus
obturator nerve posterior division
tdavnh flexor digitorum longus
extensor digitorum longus tendons
obturator nerve posterior division at branch point
tdavnh flexor hallucis longus
extensor hallucis brevis muscle
tdavnh posterior tibial artery
extensor hallucis longus tendon
patellar tendon
tdavnh posterior tibial vein
extensor retinaculum
pectineus muscle
tdavnh tibial nerve
femoral artery
pectineus muscle close
tdavnh tibialis posterior
femoral artery close
pectineus muscle close 2
tensor fasciae latae
femoral artery in sheath
peroneal artery
femoral nerve
peroneus brevis
tibial nerve
femoral nerve close
peroneus longus
tibial nerve deep
femoral nerve lateral to sheath
peroneus longus tendon plantar
tibialis anterior
femoral sheath
pes anserinus
tibialis anterior tendon
femoral triangle close
plantar aponeurosis
tibialis posterior fdl posterior tibial artery vein tibial nerve fhl
femoral vein
plantar interosseous muscle
tibialis posterior muscle
femoral vein close
plantaris muscle
vastus intermedius
femoral vein in sheath
plantaris tendon
vastus intermedius muscle close
flexor digiti minimi brevis
plantaris tendon 2
vastus lateralis
flexor digitorum brevis
popliteal artery
vastus lateralis muscle close
flexor digitorum longus
popliteal artery 2
vastus medialis close
flexor digitorum longus tendons
popliteal artery close
vastus medialis muscle
flexor hallucis brevis lateral head
popliteal vein
vastus medialis muscle close
flexor hallucis brevis medial head
popliteal vein 2
vastus medialis obliquus
flexor hallucis longus muscle
popliteal vein close
medial plantar nerve
flexor hallucis longus tendon
popliteus muscle
semitendinosus muscle