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  Upper Limb  
  Lower Limb  
abdominal aorta, iliac bifurcation; internal iliac artery videos
internal pudendal artery
posterior fornix
internal pudendal vein
arcus tendineus - right
ischiocavernosus - male
prostate - close-up
arcus tendineus - right close-up
ischiocavernosus muscle
prostatic urethra
bladder - left
levator ani
pudendal nerve
bladder - left close-up
levator ani - right
pudendal nerve entering alcock's canal
body of the clitoris
lumbosacral trunk - right
broad ligament
lumen of vagina
rectum - close-up
broad ligament (posterior leaflet)
male pelvis - midsagittal close-up view of left side
retrovesical space
bulbospongiosus muscle
male pelvis - midsagittal view of left side
retrovesical space - close-up
bulbospongiosus muscle 2
male urethra (green squiggle worm)
round ligament
bulbospongiosus surrounding bulb of penis
membranous urethra
sacrotuberous ligament
cardinal (transverse cervical) ligament
membranous urethra - close-up (probe)
sciatic nerve
coccygeus muscle
mesometrium (portion of broad ligament)
seminal vesicle - right (probe)
corpus spongiosum
seminal vesicle - right close-up (probe)
fimbriae of uterine tube
skin of penis
obturator nerve and artery - right
nerves to levator ani - right
superior gluteal artery
glans penis
obturator internus - right
superior gluteal nerve
gluteal region
penile urethra
suspensory ligament of penis
gluteus maximus
penis - buck's fascia
thoracolumbar fascia
gluteus minimus
penis bulbospongiosus muscle
uterine (fallopian) tube
inferior epigastric vessels - left
penis corpus cavernosum
uterine cervix
inferior gluteal nerve
penis deep dorsal vein
uterine vessels-
inferior rectal nerve
penis dorsal artery
uterus - lumen
inferior rectal vein
vas deferens - right (white pins)
infundibulopelvic fold
posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh - left
fundus of the uterus
internal pudendal artery
posterior fornix
inferior gluteal artery